Carry Me: 100 Years of Handbags 07/10/2022 – 12/03/2023

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Sinine helmestega kott. 1920. aastad, Prantsusmaa; Pidulik kott. Roberta di Camerino. 1950. aastad, Itaalia; 3D decoupage karp-kott. Anton Piek. 1950. aastad, Saksamaa; Klassikaline pidulik kott ”Punased huuled”. Lulu Guinness. 1994, Itaalia; Roosa käekott. Roberta di Camerino. 1970. aastad, Itaalia. Kõik kotid: erakogud, Itaalia. Fotod: Günther Fulterer

Carry Me: 100 Years of Handbags

This exhibition delves into the history of the handbag over the last 100 years. It showcases the most famous bags of each decade and looks at how styles, types, functions and materials have changed over time. The handbag, as one of the most basic of women’s accessories, reflects the changing role of women in society. The exhibition also studies the impact of pop culture, pop music and celebrities on handbag trends and styles. The bags on display include nostalgic items that are the products of their decades and those that have become timeless classics, such as the models of iconic bags carried by Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana and other trendsetters.

Curator: Günther Fulterer
Coordinator: Kersti Koll
Exhibition design: Mari Kurismaa
Graphic design: Tuuli Aule

Blue beaded purse. 1920s, France; Evening bag. Roberta di Camerino. 1950s, Italy; 3D découpage box bag. Anton Piek. 1950s, Germany; Classic Red Lip clutch. Lulu Guinness. 1994, Italy; Pink handbag. Roberta di Camerino. 1970s, Italy. All bags: private collections, Italy. Photos: Günther Fulterer

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