Adamson-Eric Scholarship

The Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society will continue to award the Adamson-Eric Young Artist scholarship initiated by the Tallinn Hansa Lions Club in 2011 to recognise and encourage the study of applied arts, design and visual arts by young creative people.

The amount of the scholarship is € 3,000.

Statute pdf file

To apply for the scholarship, the following must be submitted to the scholarship committee:

  • an application;
  • a CV with personal and contact information;
  • a portfolio;
  • the purpose for which the scholarship will be used

The next deadline for applications is on 30 April 2024.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the documents and materials specified above must be submitted to the address .

The grantee of this year’s scholarship will be announced in August.

Scholarship recipients

2023 Gerda Hansen
2022 Taavi Teevet
2021 Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins
2020 Johannes Luik
2019 Ruudu Ulas
2018 Darja Popolitova
2017 Anna Kaarma
2016 Juss Heinsalu
2015 kollektiiv Rundum
2014  Ats Nukki
2013 Ulla Juske
2012 Sylvia-Johanna Annus