NUMU Smart Museum App

This app, which can be used at the permanent exhibition in the Adamson-Eric Museum, lets you look at the artist’s oeuvre from new and innovative angles. With the help of augmented reality and other opportunities offered by the virtual environment, the visitor can move in the exhibition and combine the educational with the entertaining.

Adults and high school students can take the tour Joy Despite Politics, during which Adamson-Eric’s alter ego Hugo shares anecdotes about the artist’s life via his paintings, which come to life on the smart device. Children can explore the display through the game Bring Back the Sun, in which they have to release a golden orb locked inside a mysterious night-stand. The adventure helps the whole family spend a fun day at the museum while increasing their knowledge about art.



1. Use Google Play or App Store to install the NUMU Smart Museum app.

2. Click on the Art Museum of Estonia logo.

3. Download the game(s) from the Adamson-Eric Museum.

Come to the museum and let’s play!


The NUMU app was created for the Adamson-Eric Museum by:
Kaur Riismaa, screenwriter; Paula Mauer, graphic artist and animator; Sven Sosnitski / Quartal Studio, sound engineering; Urmet Ivask, 3D models; Margus Mihhailov, technical solutions; Johanna-Mai Riismaa, NUMU project manager; and Liis Kibuspuu, project manager and PhD student in art history at the Estonian Academy of Art.