Adamson-Eric Scholarship

In 2011, the LC Tallinn Hansa founded a young artist’s scholarship to support the fine arts and design, with the objective of directing attention to the work of the outstanding artist Adamson-Eric as a painter and applied artist, to value diversity and individuality in Estonian art, and to help with research on the artist’s legacy.

The amount of the scholarship is € 2,500.

To apply for the scholarship, the following must be submitted to the scholarship committee:
a) an application;
b) a CV with personal and contact information;
c) a portfolio;
d) the purpose for which the scholarship will be used

In order to apply for the scholarship, the documents and materials specified above must be submitted on 25 April 2014 to the Adamson-Eric Museum (Lühike Jalg 3,10130 Tallinn, e-mail:

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