Under the Changing Rainbow

November 7, 2009 – March 21, 2010


The exhibition “Under the Changing Rainbow” in the Adamson-Eric Museum introduces the art collection of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.


The museum year in the Adamson-Eric Museum began in December last year with the conference “Personal Museum: Person and Museum”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the museum. The conference raised a broader and an ongoing discussion on the problems of museums and the cooperation possibilities between personal museums in different spheres of culture. An exhibition has been organized for the end of the museum year, when the baton is passed to the year of reading in 2010. The exhibition introduces the versatile art collection of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, a long-term good cooperation partner of the Adamson-Eric Museum.


Over the years, different works from the art collection of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre have been included in a number of exhibitions. However, the exhibition “Under the Changing Rainbow” is the first comprehensive introduction to the versatile collection.


The collection of the literature centre, which is mostly active in scientific research, was founded by Friedebert Tuglas (1886–1971), who willed the cultural property of his family – more than one thousand pieces of art and around 16,000 books – to the Academy of Sciences. In the period 1993–1994 the art collection of Marie Under and Artur Adson was transferred to the literature centre from Sweden. In 2007 the Estonian Cultural Foundation in the United States of America handed over its high-class collection to the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre; the collection included works from the exile artists Abel Lee, Endel Kõks, Karin Luts, Olev Mikiver, Eduard Rüga, Hans Tsirk, Epp Ojamaa, Otto Paju, Anne-Reet Paris, Arno Vihalemm, Osvald Timmas and others, carefully selected by Eduard Rüga between 1968–1975.


Today, the collection, comprising 1159 pieces, includes a number of significant works in Estonian art, such as “The Portrait of Konrad Mägi” by Nikolai Triik, dating from 1908, which was completely restored for this exhibition; “The Portrait of Marie Under” (1904) by Ants Laikmaa; “The Temple of Amor in Versailles” (1912) by Aleksander Tassa, and a superb selection of the works of Konrad Mägi, Aleksander Tassa, Nikolai Triik, Ants Laikmaa, Ado Vabbe, Märt Laarman, Eduard Wiiralt, Gori, August Roosileht, Anton Starkopf, Jaan Vahtra, Andrus Johan, Aleksander Mülber, Hando Mugasto, Arkadio Laigo, Vive Tolli, Evald Okas and many other well-known Estonian artists. Naturally, a large proportion of Under’s and, especially, Tuglas’ collection consists of illustrations. The most remarkable foreign artist represented at the exhibition is Oskar Kokoschka, with his illustrations for Selected Poems by Under, dating from 1958.


Observing the development of the art collection, we get an introspective view of the relationships between writers and artists that is highly interesting from the cultural point of view.

The exhibition “Under the Changing Rainbow” is open until 21 March 2010.

The curator of the exhibition is Kersti Koll and the designer is Andres Tolts

The events accompanying the exhibition:

8 November 2009 at 1 pm
Collecting Art with Father!
Family event on Fathers’ Day, with candies and making things together. Visited by the art collector Pekka Erelt and his family.

26 November 2009 at 5pm
“Tuglas unexpurgated”. Jaan Undusk introduces the F. Tuglas author’s anthology, with commentary

14 January 2010 at 5 pm
Lecture “Elo Tuglas – the Woman by the Side of the Writer”
Mall Jõgi

11 February 2010 at 5 pm
Lecture “Under the Protective Wing of the Page, Marie Under, Artur Adson”
Õnne Kepp

11 March 2010 at 5 pm
“Love in the Background of the Revolution”. Kaie Mihkelson reads letters written by Marie Under and Friedebert Tuglas, with comments from Jaan Undusk. Lea Eermann sings songs based on poems by Estonian woman poets.

For children and students:

November 2009 – March 2010
My Art Collection
Educational program for children aged 5–12

From Literature to Art
Educational program for students aged 13–18

17-18 March 2010
Art camp, during the spring holiday, “Under the Rainbow”

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