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Mare Vint. Drawings Through Five Decades

Mare Vint. Drawings Through Five Decades

Time: 10.11.12–17.03.13  11:00–18:00
Location: Adamson-Eric Museum

The jubilee retrospective reveals the developmental path of the renowned and recognised artist’s inner creative nature, which is borne by dedication and perseverance. The journey through five decades of Mare Vint’s drawings illustrates wonderfully the evolution of her colour sensitivity, and the quest for mental and spiritual balance. In the language of images, the reflections of deeply personal aspects have expanded to encompass the universal. Mare Vint’s oeuvre is philosophical by nature and speaks to people, no matter their nationality, religion or age.

Since 1966, Indian ink and coloured pencils have been faithful companions to the artist and helped to visualise her inspiring and expansive mental world. In the second half of the 1960s and early 1970s, a characteristic trait emerged in her oeuvre: the contrast of black and white in her drawings, where colour is merely an essence, only provisional and used just for highlighting. In the following decade, the contrasting surfaces were supplemented with half-shades of grey that enhance the viewer’s imaginative approach to her works. The context of landscape and park motifs widened, and echoes of images experienced while travelling and systematised sets of impressions were added to works.

Mare Vint’s picture space from the 1980s and 1990s takes the viewer on a journey through gardens, parks and towns, but also through times and eras. New levels of colour and the structure of wide horizons and southern cities invite the viewer, through the artist’s refined power of generalisation, to accompany her on various mental journeys. The filigrees of lines, dots, rhythms and open surfaces of crystallised motifs, as well as the timeless message of her multi-layered content, give each generation new opportunities for interpretation.

At the end of the series of Mare Vint’s jubilee exhibitions, the Adamson-Eric Museum will display a selection of her drawings: lucid messages in the most sensitive figurative language, which, with their characteristically minimalist approach, seem almost to be a style prototype.

The presented works of art belong to the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia and the artist herself.

Enjoy the display!

Curator of the exhibition: Ülle Kruus
Design of the exhibition: Andres Tolts
Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule
Educational and visitor programmes: Liis Kibuspuu
Master of the exhibition: Uve Untera

Our thanks go to: the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, and the Estonian National Culture Foundation