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Adamson-Eric 115. Modernist Games

Adamson-Eric 115. Modernist Games

Time: 27.10.17–14.01.18  11:00–18:00
Location: Adamson-Eric Museum

Adamson-Eric’s works are characterised by images, colours and figures composed with exceptional passion. By playfully recreating and redesigning the surrounding reality, as well as the legacy of the past, a personal creative world was born. The exhibition, dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Adamson-Eric’s birth, presents a survey of his life’s work: fine and applied art as well as sketches and preparatory work. Archival materials and commentaries that reveal the background of his work supplement the exhibition.

An interactive multimedia solution accompanies the exhibition, which enables the viewer to observe Adamson-Eric’s creative searches and work over a period of 45 years.

Curators: Ülle Kruus and Kersti Koll

Adamson-Eric. Decorative plate. 1937. Art Museum of Estonia

The plate was included in the set of exhibited items at the Paris International Exposition, for which Adamson-Eric was awarded two honorary diplomas (Diplômes d’honneur)