Slices of Time




Curator Vappu Thurlow introduces her exhibition with a quotation from Henri Bergson: “The present is a bodily condition that affects us by forcing us to act. The past is no longer acting directly, but could, and to a certain extent has an impact by placing itself to current perceptions, thereby absorbing their life-power. From the moment a memory realizes itself that way, it ceases to be a memory and once again becomes a perception. /- – -/ Our might grows, since we feel like participants, creating ourselves in this vast work of creation that is the source of everything and that is taking place right in front of us.”


Is time the ticking of a clock? Or is it the passing silence where we emerge when contemplating, having lost our sense of time? Can time be described, measured or explained? The exhibition at Adamson-Eric Museum, put together by Vappu Thurlow and inspired by Bergson’s memory and duration ideas, gives the floor to Lynne Allen (USA), Annemie Bogaerts (Holland), Outi Heiskanen (Finland), Anu Juurak (Estonia), Eve Kiiler (Estonia), Ingrid Ledent (Belgium), Ly Lestberg (Estonia), Juris Petrachkevics (Latvia), Benjamin Vasserman (Estonia), Tiiu Prisko (Estonia) and Mati Veermets (Estonia).


During the exhibition, Adamson-Eric Museum conducts educational programmes to children and young people. Adults have an opportunity to participate in a workshop lead by graphic artist Loit Jõekalda within the exhibition on November 20.


Designer of exhibition: Tea Tammelaan

Educational projects: Liisi Lauer