On the Stage and on the Canvas
The exhibition juxtaposes the fine art created by early 20th-century Estonian artists with art created for the theatrical stage. It shows how the new movements manifested themselves and how the artists’ paintings and theatrical art impacted each other. Curator: Kerttu Männiste.

The Visit: Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt
The exhibition focuses on the works of Eero Järnefelt (1863–1937) and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (1863–1945), two classics from the Golden Age of Finnish art who worked in the well-known Finnish artist community at Lake Tuusula. Curator: Hanna Nikander (Järvenpää Art Museum).

The Transition: Siim-Tanel Annus – Performance and Pictures
In the late 1980s, Siim-Tanel Annus (1960) appeared on the international scene as a performance artist. Today, the artist has moved on from performances to pictorial art, and the exhibition juxtaposes the documentation of his performances with his graphic art. Curator: Liis Kibuspuu (Tallinn University).