On View

Estonian Jewellery through the Millennia
Jewellery allows us to understand the cultural, aesthetic and emotional links between the past and the present. In the past hundred years, artists have often gained inspiration from such heritage. The exhibition includes archaeological finds from the scientific collection of Tallinn University, as well as unique pieces by modern authors.

Permanent exhibition
Adamson-Eric (1902–1968) is one of the most outstanding Estonian painters of the 20th century. He also devoted much of his time to applied art, working in nearly all the branches of this realm. The museum’s permanent exhibition consists of a display of Adamson-Eric’s works (painting, ceramics, porcelain painting, leather art, metal forms, jewellery, decorative tiles, textile, and furniture). Adamson-Eric’s idiosyncratic paintings and pieces of applied art are characterized by elegance, refined colours and a brilliant esprit. His aesthetic principles are based on the French painting traditions. At the same time, his art is closely connected with the local Northern environment and the traditions of Estonian national art. His pieces of applied art are unique, in a style close to art deco, but are still usable objects. Adamson-Eric’s abundant work reflects the development of Estonian fine and applied art during more than forty years.