Exhibitions 2018

Estonian Jewellery through the Millennia
Jewellery allows us to understand the cultural, aesthetic and emotional links between the past and the present. In the past hundred years, artists have often gained inspiration from such heritage. The exhibition includes archaeological finds from the scientific collection of Tallinn University, as well as unique pieces by modern authors.

Under the Southern Cross. Gunnar Neeme: an Estonian Artist in Australia
For the first time in Estonia, the public can view the diverse artistic creation of Gunnar Neeme (1918−2005), one of the most outstanding Estonian artists and writers, who lived and worked in Australia. The exhibition will be organised in collaboration with the Estonian Literary Museum.

Art Society Pallas 100. Birth and Rebirth
In the anniversary year of the organisation that had great importance in the Estonian national cultural development, the exhibition concentrates on the ten people who signed the first statutes of the art society in Tartu on 21 January 1918. Pallas started its activities with great vigour, at first uniting both artists and authors, and later mostly artists.
Curators: Ülle Kruus and Enn Lillemets.