Exhibitions 2017

Adamson-Eric 115. Modernist Games
Adamson-Eric’s works are characterised by images, colours and figures composed with exceptional passion. By playfully recreating and redesigning the surrounding reality as well as the legacy of the past, a personal creative world was born.
Curators: Ülle Kruus and Kersti Koll

Umwelt. 12+1 Estonian Glass Artists
This exhibition of the works of Estonia’s outstanding glass artists displays their final graduation projects from the past alongside their current work. The exhibition is part of a series of events marking the 80th anniversary of professional Estonian glass art.
Curator: Mare Saare (Professor, Estonian Academy of Art)

Laundry Day
This thematic exhibition includes works dating from the late 19th century to the 1970s that are focused on the everyday activity of washing. Despite the simple and mundane topic, the works provide unique individual reflections of the various creative aspirations of the artists.
Curator: Ülle Kruus

Ulvi Haagensen’s installation “Scrub”
The courtyard is transformed into a place of everyday domesticity, presenting tasks that are often hidden from sight. Lines of washing, strung across the courtyard, create a connection with Karl Alexander von Winkler’s painting “View of Naples” in the Laundry Day exhibition in the main hall of the museum. The ordinary and the mundane also contain elementary traces of the beautiful and the exotic, which are part of being human. The artist has also included cleaning equipment on shelves and hanging on hooks, ready to be used: there is always something to clean.