Learn and Explore

The museum is a place to learn about and understand art, as well as to discover the creator within.

The Adamson-Eric Museum welcomes both the young and old, by offering a diverse programme of exhibitions and various interesting educational activities. There are educational programmes for children’s groups supervised by the museum’s educational coordinator, and study materials can be found in the exhibition halls for discovering the museum independently. Various workshops and art camps for students during the summer vacation are also available. For adults, there are curator-led exhibition tours, themed workshops, and individual art courses that take place four times each half year.

Different Tuesdays. In connection with the museum’s temporary exhibitions, the Art Cellar is open, where every visitor, either alone or with family or friends, can feel like an artist by making a small work of art to take along as a souvenir.

Special projects at the museum include experience days, lecture series, concerts, performances, dance performances, film screenings and lots more of interest. Art inspires and invites you to discover!