Expositions of Adamson-Eric’s works


An exhibition commemorating the 70th birthday of Adamson-Eric “Adamson-Eric: paintings which have never been shown before” in the Art Museum of Estonia in Kadriorg Palace. A catalogue was published (compiled by Hilja Läti), included more than 70 works.


An exhibition “Adamson-Eric 75” in Kadriorg Palace commemorating the artist’s 75th birthday. An illustrated booklet was published, which included a list of his works, compiled by Hilja Läti. Exhibited 74 works.


An exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art (a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia).


Dec 2 Adamson-Eric Museum was opened at 3 Lühike Jalg, in Tallinn. The artist’s widow Mari Adamson donated almost 1000 works by Adamson-Eric to the museum provided that they are preserved and exhibited in the same building as a whole collection.


Exhibition “Sketches for Carpets by Adamson-Eric” (Oct 17, 1984 – June 1985). Compiled by Ülle Kruus.


Exhibition “Decorative Paintings by Adamson-Eric” (June 17, 1985 – Apr 27, 1986). Compiled by Piret Selberg.


Exhibition “Adamson-Eric and Estonian Nude Painting” (May 14 – Sept 28). Compiled by Jüri Hain.


Exhibition “Adamson-Eric’s Greek Landscapes of 1934” (Dec 2, 1988 – Apr 23, 1989). Compiled by Anne Lõugas.


Exhibition “Adamson-Eric and Estonian Portraiture” (Oct 25, 1989 – Jan 7, 1990). Compiled by Anne Lõugas.


Exhibition “40 Years of Adamson-Eric’s Still-lifes” (Dec 12, 1990 – Feb 10, 1991). Compiled by Ülle Kruus.


Exhibition “THE VERY BEST OF ADMSON-ERIC” in Heinola, Finland (June 1 – Sept 1). Compiled by Mai Levin, Anne Lõugas, Ülle Kruus.


Adamson-Eric Museum was closed for public, as it housed the graphic art collection of the Art Museum of Estonia


Oct 15 Adamson-Eric Museum re-opened. The new permanent exposition compiled by Ülle Kruus and Kersti Koll.

Exhibition “Adamson-Eric’s Textiles” (Oct 15 – Nov 14), compiled by Ülle Kruus.


Exhibition “Unknown Works by Adamson-Eric from the Collections in the USA, Sweden and Estonia” (Sept 15 – Dec 11) compiled by Ülle Kruus and Kersti Koll.


Exhibition “Flowers on the Window-sill” (July 10 – Sept 21) to commemorate Adamson-Eric’s 95th birthday, compiled by Ülle Kruus.

Exhibition “Flowers on the Window-sill / Kukkia ikkunalaudalla / Blommor pa fönsterbräder” (Oct 3 – Nov 30) in Loviisa Town Museum, Finland, compiled by Ülle Kruus.


Exhibition “15 Years of Adamson-Eric Museum” (Dec 2, 1998 – Jan 24, 1999), compiled by Ülle Kruus and Kersti Koll.


“ADAMSON-ERIC 100” (Aug 16 – Dec 1) – a conference and a programme of various events and major exhibitions in the building of the Knighthood House of the Art Museum of Estonia and in Adamson-Eric Museum; compiled by, Ülle Kruus, Kersti Koll and Hanno Soans.


Exhibition “ADAMSON-ERIC 100” in Provoo Museum, Finland.