Exhibitions 2012

Mare Vint. Drawings Through Five Decades
Drawing has been one of the main techniques in the work of Mare Vint (b. 1942) since the mid-1960s. In her highly individual manner, Vint presents landscapes, parks and buildings, enlivened by selected details: a woman, a bird, a tree leaf etc.

Adamson-Eric and His Contemporaries. Reflections of the Self in Time
Self-portraits are sensitive recorders of the artist’s creative search. Self-portrait with a Noose is one of Adamson-Eric’s most displayed, reproduced and controversial works. Works by his contemporaries are also exhibited.

Dora Gordine. Sculptor, Artist, Designer
The work produced between 1924 and 1933 by Dora Gordine (1895(?)–1991), an artist with a fascinating destiny who was also linked with Estonia, is presented together with interior views of Dorich House, which she designed.