Exhibitions 2011

Forever Feminine. The Work of Johannes Greenberg and Ferdi Sannamees
The work of the contemporaries Johannes Greenberg (1887–1951) and Ferdi Sannamees (1895–1963) is united by an appreciation for feminine beauty and harmony.

Female Artists in the Önningeby Artist Colony in the Åland Islands
An exhibition of the work of the female artists – Hanna Rönnberg, Elin Danielson, Anna Wengberg, Eva Topelius and others – who gathered in Önningeby, in the Åland Islands, in summers at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

Shackles of Beauty. Bracelets Through the Ages
The bracelets on exhibit include ancient treasures, the work of 20th century artists (Adamson-Eric, Mari Rääk etc.), and pieces by contemporary jewellery artists.