Exhibitions 2010

Ernst Jõesaar (1905–1985)

The exhibition covers the artist’s works from both his creative period in Estonia preceding World War II, and the period of his exile in Sweden. Ernst Jõesaar, whose wife Renate Jõesaar was the sister of Adamson-Eric, was one of the first artists to decide to send the best of his body of work back to his homeland. In 1979 the Art Museum of Estonia received 108 sculptures, dozens of tempera paintings, drawings and sketches. The exhibition displays the author’s best creations, and is a kind of satellite to the extensive project presenting exile art in Tallinn and Tartu.

Ellinor Aiki (1893–1969). From the Series “Estonia’s First Female Artists”
The exhibition focuses on the artistic exploration of Ellinor Aiki in the expressive medium of painting, and her particularly exciting and characteristic use of colour. A retrospective selection from various Tallinn and Tartu collections is displayed.

Adamson-Eric. The Diversity of One Creator
This is a presentation of Adamson-Eric (1902–1968) as an exceptionally multifaceted artist, with his works occupying all of the museum’s exhibition halls, and including a large number of recent additions to the museum’s collection, as well as restored and conserved works.