Exhibitions 2007

Stones in Estonian Jewellery
Huge boulders and sea-washed pebbles, limestone fossils or roadside cobbles are sure to catch your eye with their might and exceptional variety of form and colour. These impressions are often caught on photos, used in landscaping and the smallest specimen are sometimes brought home as keepsakes.
Local natural stone was first used in Estonian professional design jewellery at the end of the 1950’s. The intense 1960’s, when great shifts took place in Estonian applied art, introduced new, plain forms and novel materials in local designer jewellery.

Slices of Time
Is time the ticking of a clock? Or is it the passing silence where we emerge when contemplating, having lost our sense of time? Can time be described, measured or explained? A curator exhibition “Slices of Time” by Vappu Thurlow will be opened within the international graphic art conference Impact 5.

70 Years from the Paris World Exhibition in 1937
Exhibition introduces the successful representation of the pre World War II Estonian artist community in Paris at the international great exhibition, the topic of which was “Art and Technology in Modern Life”. (“Arts et Technique dans la Vie Moderne”).

Resounding Light. Works by Ann Audova
From the Cycles “The First Estonian Women Artists”
Surprisingly, Ann Audova’s distinctive-looking work has been infrequently highlighted to date. Her still lifes, flower paintings, portraits, and figural compositions represent a high level of painting culture and they have a timeless and simple message. By placing special emphasis on the nuances of colour combinations and the texture of the works, Ann Audova walked independently and alone in the domestic art world for over a half century. The works originate from the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia, the Tartu Art Museum, and many private individuals, and they are exhibited in Tallinn for the first time on such a scale.