Exhibitions 2006

Herman Talvik 100
The exhibit is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Herman Talvik (1906-1984), one of the greatest visionaries in our art history. His deeply personal work with ecstatic-religious feelings based on spiritual experience has a singular place in Estonian art.

From Design to the Costume. Estonian National Opera 100
The exhibition introduces the birth and evolvement of Estonian professional costume design through the works of artists (Olga Obolyaninova-Krümmer, Natalie Mei, Eldor Renter, Mari-Liis Küla, Meeri Säre and several others) that have worked in Estonian National Opera. The whole pre-World War II costume collection of the Estonian National Opera was destroyed together with the building in 1944 during the March bombings – yet very many designs on paper from that period have been preserved. The exhibition is comprised from the materials of Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, Estonian National Opera, Art Museum of Estonia and private collections.

Love in Strasbourg. Works by Eduard Wiiralt
from the Juhani Komulaineni collection
For the first time in Estonia, the exhibition displays E. Wiiralt’s drawings and graphic art from the collection of the Finnish composer Juhani Komulainen. The works, created in 1926–1932, were bought at an auction in Paris a few years back, and they probably belonged to the artist’s close friend, Nelly Stulz. The collection includes rare sketches to the masterpieces Mon Paris (1926) and Hell (1932).

Åland phenomenon

The exhibit on art and cultural history focuses on the summers of 1906-1913, which the Estonian artists Konrad Mägi (1878-1925), Nikolai Triik (1884-1940), Aleksander Tassa (1882-1955), Anton Starkopf (1889-1966) and writer Friedebert Tuglas (1886-1971) spent in Ǻland.