Adamson-Eric. The Diversity of One Creator

June 25 – November 14, 2010


The exhibition “Adamson-Eric. The Diversity of One Creator” in the Adamson-Eric Museum. The exhibition illustrates the versatility of the artist’s oeuvre: in addition to paintings, there are also sketches, jewellery, decorative metal forms, furniture, leather art, porcelain painting, fabrics, rugs, etc. Works that the museum has acquired in recent years, and recently restored works, are also on display.


Adamson-Eric (1902–1968) studied mainly in Berlin and Paris. His long art journeys to Spain, Greece, Finland etc. ended in 1935. He joined the Applied Art Society after returning to Estonia and became absorbed in the means of expression of applied art. He was the artistic director of the Jüri Kodres Leather Studio from 1937 to 1940. Soon after, Adamson-Eric changed the aesthetic face of many areas of applied art, such as porcelain painting, rugs and metal art, with his original approach. Designed applied artworks that respect functional aesthetics appeared along with folk art items from Estonia in the 1930s, of which Adamson-Eric was one of the leading figures. He was a hard worker, creative and innovative, always interested in the technical possibilities of designing different materials. His inquisitive spirit and interest in different art media also softened the personal setbacks he suffered later in his life due to political reasons. This is why we can speak of Adamson-Eric as an exceptionally versatile artist, whose legacy is still interesting and represents timeless values.


This profound exhibition of Adamson-Eric’s work is open during the summer so we can focus on introducing the best of Estonian art during the tourist season. The display covers two floors of the museum and is open until 14 November 2010. The exhibition has been compiled by Ülle Kruus and designed by Mari Kurismaa. The graphic design is by Külli Kaats, and the educational work and audience programmes are managed by Liisi Selg.


In addition to the exhibition, the Adamson-Eric Museum will host an art studio for school children in the autumn; various workshops and meetings with artists, art experts and conservators will be held in September and October.