Adamson-Eric museum 25

Intra-art Dialogues in the Mirror of Time



On the three floors of the Adamson-Eric Museum, in the old town of Tallinn, the extensive jubilee exhibition, subtitled “Intra-art Dialogues in the Mirror of Time”.


Visitors can enjoy the Estonian art of the 20th century which reveals the creative pursuits of Adamson-Eric (1902–1968), as well as of his contemporaries and friends in Estonia and abroad. In addition to Adamson-Eric’s creative inheritance of forty five years, the exhibition also focuses on works of artists in the younger generation who have followed his artistic ideas.


Artistic parallels and distinctions can be viewed in portraits, still-lifes, nude paintings, city views and landscapes. The authors presented are: Paul Burman, August Jansen, Andrus Johani, Johannes Greenberg, Jaan Grünberg, Albert Kesner, Jaan Koort, Kaarel Liimand, Karin Luts, Aleksander Mülber, Evald Okas, Eduard Ole, Karl Pärsimägi, Enn Põldroos, Olev Subbi, Konstantin Süvalo, Kristjan Teder, Aleksander Vardi, Kuno Veeber and Eduard Viiralt. To a great extent, the valuable legacy of Lilian Semper is displayed at the exhibition. The works, restored with the help of Maris Klaas and Sirje Alter, the AME restorers, were added to the collection of the museum this year.


The exhibition was organised by the art historian Ülle Kruus. The designers of the exhibit and the information package are Mari Kurismaa, Mari Kaljuste and Kätlin Tischler. The author of the educational programs and new workbooks is Liisi Lauer. In cooperation with the Museum and the Uus Vana Teater (The New Old Theatre), an original dramatization of the artist’s life has been created: the premiere of “Adamson-Eric ad astra” is on 5 January 2009. The exhibition is open to the public from 10 December to 15 March 2009.



The Grand Supporter of the Adamson-Eric Museum is Rimess OÜ.

The supporters of the events are the Estonian Cultural Foundation and the Tallinn Cultural Heritage Department.